Surgecoin is a brand new method
to do exchanges in a decentralized system

Passion leads to performance, performance leads to success!

Be a part of something great, be a part of Surge

Surgecoins is a brand new method to do exchanges in a decentralized system that guarantees the user high value and unmatched reliability. With each Surgecoin purchase, the value of Surgecoin rises with a huge margin.

10X Faster Development

Surge Team being experienced in Online Activities than its Peers tries to complete its Roadmap tasks at a faster pace (10X) giving leverage for Future Innovative works.

Increase Productivity

Surge Team stresses much on SWOT analysis thereby tries to have clear picture of Environment & Competitors and works in a manner which helps in increase of its Productivity.

Better Collabration

Surge Team tries to hire various Freelancers from time to time to give a professional look to its Projects and tries to have a Better Collaboration in delivering products to Consumers.

BitRewards - Socially Microworking Platform

Bitrewards is a multiway & all in one earning social platform for microworkers around the globe. It pays the commissions & earnings to multiple payment processors. Some Major Features Bitrewards offers:
  • Earn money while you social with our all in one place solution
  • Get Paid to click, watch videos, surf, play games & many more
  • Microtasks, Clowdflower, Offerwalls & many for extra income
  • Add Friends, Share your thoughts on timeline & more
  • Revenue Sharing, Traffic Exchange, Traffic & many more
  • Dice Game, Jackpot, Contests, GiftCards & more
  • That's not all, we have many more features that you have to check it live on our website
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Developments That Are Coming Soon...

Not just what we've done so far, we have even more planned and noted on the list to be developed. Here's a glimpse of our projects that we'll be developing next


A global online marketplace to offer tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. We charge less or zero commission on our sellers.

Faucet Lister

How does it work?
We'll get the script made in 2 versions. Manual list updating & Automatic Synchronizing

Surge Builders

This is quite similar to real estates, we build and develop websites, promote them BitRewards & other websites for them to get some good ranking, traffic and revenue. Then we put those for auctioning on flippa & for sale on BitRewards

Match For Cash

2 Images will be displayed on your screen, if they match you win. Users have the choice of choosing reward amount, based on the rewards they choose, higher the reward, lower the chances of winning.

Frequently asked questions

Here are general questions and answers about cryptocurrency

Yes we are live. Currently we are listed at 1 Exchange and one can purchase directly from there. However in coming days we are listing at few other exchanges. Link for Purchasing Surge is Click Here To Purchase
Yes Surge is Open Sourced. One Can view our code at Github. Click Here
Do we gain any Interest? Yes one can hold Surge on desktop / laptop. Click Here To Download. Morover its a POS coin and one can earn POS Interest just for holding Surge.
We will be updating details from time to time on Twitter & Bitcointalk.

Our Services


Privacy is our highest priority, which is why we use the strongest encryption and prevent indexing of our platform.


Mobile app soon to follow the platform.


We won’t just store Surge coins. We will be able to store any support coin in our platform.

Secure and Safe Interface

We aim to create a safe and secure environment with the strongest of code standards.

The Surge Vault

A great way to safely store coins and gain interested on accounts.

Safe, Secure Wallets

With our unique cold wallet storage strategy we aim to provide the most secure way to secure your funds.

Low Fee Structure

We don’t believe that every transaction should cost you unduly which is why transactions within our platform are always Lower and instant!

POS (Proof of Stake)

Quite possibly our best feature. Gain Interest on Held Funds.

Multi Coin Trades

This service will give you the ability to swap one cryptocurrency for another all while still charging less fees.

24/7 Customer Support

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